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Universal Flowering

Daddy Eau de Parfum

Daddy Eau de Parfum

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Notes: Black Pepper, Guaiacwood, Hinoki, Porcini, Oakmoss, Vetiver, Benzoin

Opulent and intoxicating. Indulgent deep woods with sparkling hinoki & spice make Daddy an easy companion day or night.


you stand at the mirror

in the picture I have of you

it's fogged but for one clear streak

from your long strong fingers

I’m perched tubside, out of frame

watching you lather your badger brush

I want you to put your hand on my cheek

tip my chin back

and scrape the steel across my skin

the white foam falls into the sink

still white

I want you to render me gentle and smooth

my reflection soft with steam and you’re soft too

I want you to find my eyes

In every morning mirror

15 ml.


Universal Flowering was founded in 2016 by Courtney Rafuse. All perfumes are handmade in her Toronto studio in small batches.

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