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Universal Flowering

Purple Afternoon Eau de Parfum

Purple Afternoon Eau de Parfum

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Notes: Cardamom Coffee, Carrot Seed, Orris, Tobacco, Oud

Characteristics: elegant, whipped, delicious, fallen leaves as a woman, making out under a cashmere blanket

It’s time to explore the labyrinth of emotions you’ve built for yourself!

Is that full-bodied stove-top coffee steaming the room? Is it the position of the moon? Is it the carrot & orris playing hide and seek with you?

Close your eyes and let your heart weave and disperse through the room on a cloud of smoke from your lover's mouth. Let your whole body become enveloped.

15 ml.


Universal Flowering was founded in 2016 by Courtney Rafuse. All perfumes are handmade in her Toronto studio in small batches.

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