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Holy Hell Eau de Parfum

Holy Hell Eau de Parfum

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 Notes: Moroccan Neroli, Underripe Melon, Beach Ball accord, Toasted Seashells (Choya Nakh), Violet Coppertone, Ambergris

Characteristics: Melting but very beautifully, sunlit skin, Sferracavallo beach at night, butter-gold, whirlwind romance, sand sparkles at the bottom of your champagne coupe

Your skin smells like heat and sunscreen, you're packing away the leftover treats from the day (how did sand get in here? oh, I hate to toss this away. should fruit be sweating like that?). You start to feel the sun tinting you while your skin sticks to the beat-up leather interior of the car (god I wish this AC worked), you count new freckles on your knees at traffic lights.

At times, you forget that it's almost winter. At times, you forget that it's almost autumn. Go for little walks, collect the seashells, and watch the sunset fill the sky with its pale blues and golds. At some point, remember the way the breeze felt in your hair, and brush your teeth with your tongue.

15 ml.


Universal Flowering was founded in 2016 by Courtney Rafuse. All perfumes are handmade in her Toronto studio in small batches.

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